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Pia has been helping my children following a trama and has been absolutely amazing. She is so kind and gentle and goes above and beyond to help. The children love their sessions with her and feel very safe. She has also been incredibly supportive to me as well. We all think very highly of her.


Pia is a very lovely caring person. She is very caring and really listens to you. She has helped me so much. Through her counselling and creative arts  therapy she has given me my confidence and self esteem back and helped me get back my life on track again. I will always be thankful to her for her help. I would definitely recommend her.


"Since the age of 9 I've had many counsellors however Pia is by far the best counsellor I've ever had. What I've learnt about Pia is that she genuinely cares about all her clients and even when you don't have a session scheduled with her, she's always there to listen to you, if you've had a bad day. She helped me to love myself and she gave me back my confidence through her art therapy and techniques. Usually I feel really anxious and shy around counsellors and find it hard to open up but with Pia she made me feel confident and comfortable, every session we had together It was almost like I was talking to a friend. She always brings out your smile too. She really has made a difference to me and for that I can't thank her enough. If you're thinking of using Pia for counselling I highly reccomend it, she truly is a professional.


"Pia  is a very skilled child therapist. She has been counselling my 9 year old son, who is gradually opening up to her, due to her very gentle and fun techniques - using games, pictures and books, to allow him to relax and trust her, which helps him to understand his feelings and how to manage them. I myself have been counselled by Pia and highly recommend her. She is very warm and experienced - I feel completely relaxed in her company. She is very generous and wise and offers telephone sessions for advice and counselling if I am unable to meet her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an invaluable gem and brilliant at what she does."


"Pia  is a very caring, delightful and hard-working person. She has very good listening skills, so while talking there is no such moment that you can feel uncomfortable. She puts much effot to her work and to development. A a foreignor, I can say that meeting Pia was one of the best moment while living in Britain. She is very caring, delightful and hard-working person. While talking, you can sit on a cosy couch and feel just relaxed, forgetting outside world."


"Pia  has a kind gentle manner about her and a generous spirit. She listens and moves the sessions to suit the client. She suggests methods that could support her work with the client but never pushes.  She is patient and has a happy demeanour."


"Pia is a genuine and lovely person who helps raise people's confidence, especially in themselves. She is a fantastic person who wants the best for everyone she meets."


"Pia is the best counsellor I've ever had. Not only does she genuinely care about her clients and puts so much effort into them, she is amazing at helping them to love themselves. I have never felt more confident and comfortable in myself than when I was having regular sessions with Pia. Even if you think you'll have nothing to say, within minutes you'll be pouring your heart out. She's professional and helps you so much but at the same time feels like catching up with an old friend. I wouldn't recommend anyone else."


"Mrs Joulianou has a lovely nature with the children she works with. So caring & the children certainly feel at ease within her sessions."

Class Teacher

"I find it hard to engage with therapists in the past but am able to open up to Pia .. I always feel at ease and comfortable and she always make me feel relaxed. Am thankful to her for her help x"


"Mrs Joulianou's work is extremely valuable in helping to develop the confidence of children and their emotional wellbeing - crucial if they are going to be in the best frame of mind to learn."


"Children enjoy the sessions and are more confident as a result of attending."


"Improves self confidence."


"More willing to talk to anyone."


"Boosts confidence."


"Settles them more so they are ready to learn."


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