I offer a range of services that I adapt  to individual needs. I work with children and adolescents, couples and offer one to one sessions either by telephone, Skype, online or face to face; on any number of issues that a client is struggling with or would like to work on such as grief and loss, stress and anxiety, depression self-esteem, low confidence and much more. 

I use a number of tools depending on a client’s personality and choice, we work as a team and go through the journey together, every step of the way. I therefore offer free 20 min consultations in between sessions when required.

My personally developed Sunbeam work, which incorporates a training programme called Rainbows,  Creative Arts Therapy and Counselling training is a particular programme I use to work with children of 4yrs and over, young people and families. By working through a series of sessions which include:

  • One of a kind 
  • Feelings
  • Fears and worries
  • Change
  • Family
  • Loss

Using puzzles, books and stories, games, various activities, toys and music, I help children and young people break down barriers to learning and personal development, by building their confidence and resilience, whilst celebrating their uniqueness. In a society where social media and technology focuses heavily in their lives, learning basic healthy communication skills, being unafraid to speak about their feelings with their peers and family help them to build relationships and the confidence to make the choices best for them and healthier friendships rather than be led by peer pressure.

I have held some successful events offering a taster of these to families at the Turner Contemporary, Gap Project and Dame Janet, please see photos and links to full articles. Please also look out for future events coming this Spring.

Fees range from: £40.00  to £60.00 per session depending on the service. I offer discounts on block bookings.

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